Tactical Training

The Benjamin Guard provides individuals with specialized skills in firearms and personal protection. Our classes cover a range of topics, including weapon handling, team coordination, situational awareness, and decision-making under pressure, aimed at preparing individuals for high-stakes scenarios.

Basic Pistol

Beginner | 1 Day

The one-day basic pistol course is designed to provide the new shooter with a good understanding of firearms safety and introduces students to the core skills of what TBG requires to safely handle, carry and operate a pistol.

Combat Pistol

Intermediate | 1 Day

This course typically covers fundamental marksmanship, close-quarters shooting techniques, and tactical decision-making to equip individuals with the skills needed to effectively employ a pistol in dynamic environments.

Basic Carbine

Beginner | 1 Day

Basic Carbine courses provide essential training for individuals seeking proficiency in handling and employing carbine rifles. Participants typically learn foundational skills such as proper rifle handling, marksmanship, and tactical applications, preparing them for a range of scenarios that may require the use of carbines in various settings.

Combat Carbine

Intermediate | 1 Day

Combat Carbine courses are advanced training programs that build on foundational skills, focusing on the tactical and dynamic use of carbine rifles in high-stress scenarios. Participants learn advanced shooting techniques, cover and concealment strategies, and team coordination, enhancing their ability to effectively engage targets in real-world combat situations.

2024 Class Schedule

To receive more information on the 2024 Training Calendar and details for the specific requirements for each class, please fill out the information below and one of our experienced instructors will promptly connect with you to provide the information you seek.

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